Meet the Co-Founder: Dr. Soeta Islam

Dr. Soeta Islam

Co- Founder

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” ~ Dr. Soeta Islam

Micronetbd’s innovative and forward-thinking Chief Product Officer, brings a unique blend of medical expertise and business acumen to the team. With a medical background, she has worked with various healthcare organizations in New Jersey and is currently involved in ground-breaking research related to Covid-19.

Dr. Soeta’s passion for innovation and technology has led her to develop a new division at Micronetbd, focused on implementing the cutting-edge Salesforce Health Cloud for medical practices. Her ability to bridge the gap between the medical and tech industries makes her a visionary leader in the field, poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry.
With a deep understanding of both the medical and tech worlds, Dr. Soeta is uniquely positioned to help Micronetbd lead the way in digital health solutions. Her commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing medical technology is unwavering, and his vision for the future of healthcare is truly inspiring. Join Dr. Soeta and the Micronetbd team as they revolutionize the healthcare industry with their innovative solutions.