One Time Engagement

A cost-effective way to start with Salesforce depending on your business-specific needs and goals.

Working with Micronetbd on a one-time engagement can provide you with valuable insights and expertise that you can use to optimize your use of Salesforce. This can help you get the most out of the platform and achieve your business goals.

Allow you to add specific functionality or customizations to Salesforce that meet the needs of your organization. This might include integrating Salesforce with other systems, developing custom solutions, or training users on how to use specific features. Micronetbd gives the option to tailor your business’s specific needs and goals, allowing for a more customized solution that meets their unique requirements.

Allows to gradually roll out Salesforce across your organization, rather than trying to implement the entire platform at once. This can be a good option for your business that wants to carefully evaluate the benefits of Salesforce before expanding your use of the platform.,without making a long-term commitment to full-scale implementation. This can help you minimize the risk associated with adopting new technology. 

 Some common activities that might be included in a one-time Salesforce engagement:

  • Setting up and configuring a new Salesforce account
  • Migrating data from another system into Salesforce
  • Integrating Salesforce with other systems or applications
  • Conducting a data clean-up or analysis project
  • Developing custom solutions or enhancements to Salesforce

With Micronetbd, we’ll help your business to clearly define the scope, objectives or challenges that need to address, as well as the resources and timeline required to complete the project. This will help ensure that the engagement is focused and effective and that the desired outcomes are achieved.

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